Enterprise launches new business booking platform


It is aimed at helping organisations manage how their employees travel for work when driving.

Enterprise Travel Direct is a journey assessment and booking system that enables customers to compare the cost of daily rental, hourly car club and «grey» fleet based on a planned trip and real-time vehicle availability.

The assessment allows businesses to compare the actual cost of a specific journey at a determined time depending on whether employees use a private car and file mileage expenses, a car club or a daily rental vehicle.

Employees can then choose the option that suits them – whether it’s the lowest rate or the most sustainable – based on their company’s travel policy, which is programmed into the platform to enable compliance and control.

The release of ETD follows a 12-month pilot programme in partnership with several UK public sector fleets. Enterprise claims the trials led to fewer journeys, lower business mileage and a change in employee behaviour.


By material: www.buyingbusinesstravel.com