Government issues no deal Brexit flight warning


While the government is still claiming it is confident a deal will be struck, the latest ‘technical notice’ is one of a series of letters issued to allow the country to prepare for no deal.

The government warns that carriers would have to seek individual permission to operate between the UK and EU. While the UK would grant permission for EU-registered airlines to continue operations within the country, the EU may decide not to offer a reciprocal agreement.

And airlines based in countries outside of the union that have bilateral agreements based on the UK’s membership of the EU would also have to apply for permission to operate flights in the UK, though the government says “replacement arrangements” will be made before 29 March 2019.
Citizens already resident in EU countries and intend to stay after Brexit are being advised to change their UK driving licence to an EU one before exit day.

The news comes after the government warned UK passport holders that they could be subject to new restrictions when travelling to the EU after Brexit.





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