Air France unveils new economy cabins


The aircraft will be refitted from January 2019, with the cabins featuring a new colour scheme and additional products and services.

Economy seats will have a larger width of 44cm, reinforced ergonomic foam, 79cm of legroom, a larger tray table and a wider 11.7-inch touch screen for in-flight entertainment. They will also feature a USB slot and an individual electric plug, and wifi is being installed on all Air France aircraft.

In Premium Economy, seats will feature a 130-degree recline in a fixed shell, width of up to 48.3cm, 102cm seat pitch, lumbar support, additional storage space and a wider footrest, as well as a 13.3-inch HD IFE screen. They have also been redesigned with softer cushions and leather armrests and will offer an electric socket and two USB ports.

In addition to the new seats, Air France says it is improving amenities for passengers, starting with a welcoming oshibori (small hand towel) and a complimentary glass of champagne as an aperitif.




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