Eurostar plans new and faster Amsterdam services


Eurostar’s through London-Amsterdam service is not yet launched.  But already the rail operator is taking to Dutch Railways (NS) about a new and much faster service in 2019.

The high-speed train firm expects to launch its London-Amsterdam service this spring with a twice daily service.

Journey time (with stops in Brussels and Rotterdam) is expected to be around four hours – see our special report Dutch Departures for more details.

The Amsterdam route has elicited much interest from travellers, all of whom want to escape the modern airport experience.

With that in mind NS and Eurostar have announced plans for a third and faster train linking Amsterdam with London and vice versa.

The media statement is in Dutch but when translated it reveals that NS and Eurostar intend this additional and faster service to run between Amsterdam and London in three and a half hours.

It would therefore make Eurostar even more competitive with airline schedules based on city centre to city centre journey times.

What about this year’s launch? Plans are advancing. The official launch for Amsterdam remains in the spring but, as yet, Eurostar will not provide an exact date.

There have been many «test trains” running over the route while a new Eurostar terminal is under construction at Amsterdam Centraal. This terminal is located towards the rear of platform 15b.

Under Channel Tunnel rules all passengers must undergo immigration/security checks before entering the Tunnel. Building separate Amsterdam/Rotterdam terminals will avoid the need for Eurostar passengers to clear formalities at Lille (as currently happens with the Marseilles-London service).

Modifications currently underway at Rotterdam Centraal will provide a Eurostar terminal according to trade publication Railway Gazette. Its completition is planned for March 26.

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