Turkey unveils ambitious new tourism agenda


Authorities hope Tourism Strategy 2023 will see overseas guests spending US$65 billion in the country annually early in the next decade.

To develop the plans, authorities also unveiled the new Tourism Promotion & Development Agency of Turkey.

The new agency will have a budget of US$72 million for 2019 (up from US$18 million last year), with plans to spend US$180 million annually from 2020.

In line with the new growth objectives, Turkey will also diversify promotional activities.

The country hopes to employ strategic, focused and integrated multi-media campaigns across TV, digital out of home, magazines, newspapers and social media platforms.

Furthermore, Turkey also aims to increase package tour rates from 15 to 60 per cent by ensuring quality and service among suppliers.

There will be a focus on different types of tourism from gastronomy, health, shopping, education, sports and seniors to faith tourism, congress, festivals, events and yacht tourism.

Promotional efforts will focus on the main markets currently sending large volumes of tourists to Turkey as well as the emerging markets in the Far East and Pacific; namely, China, India, South Korea and Japan.








By material: www.breakingtravelnews.com