Last year Lviv was visited by 2.6 million tourists


According to Lviv Tourism Development Center’s  survey Ukrainians from other cities (41.3%), Poles (22.1%), Belarusians (7.9) are top three nations coming to Lviv. The list also includes Turks (7.3%), Germans (3.6%), Americans (2%), Lithuanians (1.6%), English (1.5%), Czechs (1.2%) and Canadians (0.7).

Both Ukrainians and foreigners are primarily using (75%) to book hotels (37%), private apartments (28%) and hostels (19%).

In 2017 the tourists have spent two times more money than in 2016 (615 thousand euros and 361.4 thousand euros, respectively). The average stay is 4.4 days, which is almost a day more than a year earlier.

In the Must-See list for average tourist is Town Hall tower (56%), Lviv Opera (31%) and the Lviv Castle Hill (23%).

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