Gift Certificate

Looking for an interesting present? Don’t know what to gift? Want to astonish your relatives, colleagues or business partners?

Present a trip!

This present will be really good for everyone!

You will not spend more money than you expect to expend!

You will save time for search present!

It's not necessarily to know person preferences!

This gift surely would be unforgettable, because people are loved to travel and rest. Positive emotions after travel are best remembered.

Gift certificate owner appoints all tours details individually.

And the most important – your present will be duly appreciated.

Levels travel_podarok of gift certificates:

  • Bronze – 500 UAH
  • Silver – 1000 UAH
  • Gold – 2000 UAH
  • Individual order – certificate can be produced any nominal, at least equal to 500 UAH

The gift certificate gives right to pay for:

  • Travel packages
  • Airline tickets
  • Train tickets
  • Hotels in Ukraine and abroad
  • Business trips
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Insurances

Official regulations of gift certificate usage:

  • Gift certificate – official document Bytsko Travel Group.
  • Choosing the range of travel services (location, time and other details of the trip) – inalienable owner right of the gift certificate.
  • Bytsko Travel Group special offers and discounts aren’t applicable to the price of the gift certificate.
  • Gift certificate owner can use several certificates for company`s service payment simultaneously.
  • Gift certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. In circumstances of the certificate disuse through the period of validity, paid money wouldn`t be refund.
  • Gift certificate is not personalized. Usage right belongs to its owner.
  • Gift certificate is accepted as payment only in Bytsko Travel company and is not accepted in the offices of partner companies and agents.
  • If the cost of tourist services is higher than the nominal value of the certificate, the certificate`s owner pays the difference.
  • If the cost of tourist services is lower than the nominal value of the certificate, the difference will not be refunded.
  • Gift certificate sum is for single use and can’t be divided into few parts.
  • Gift certificate cannot be exchanged for cash equivalent.
  • When paying for travel services with a gift certificate, a contract for the rendering of tourism services is due to be concluded.
  • After usage gift certificate is taken by Bytsko Travel Group.
  • If the gift certificate is lost or stolen, it doesn`t renewed and is considered be invalid. Money resources are not refund.
  • Damaged gift certificates or certificates, the authenticity of which the representatives of Bytsko Travel Group have any doubts, will not be accepted to realization of the services.

Forms of Payment:

  • Cash in the office Bytsko Travel Group
  • Cash to courier
  • Payment cards Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • Non-cash payments

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