Ukrainian Hostel in a Subway Car


In December 2017, Kyiv was processing unusual news: Kyiv Metro decided to sell two decommissioned cars on the Ukrainian auction ProZorro. While not many believed in the happy ending for this idea, the lot found its owner. Now, one of the former subway cars will become a hostel. Let’s see how it’ll look like, and find out the fate of the second car. 

Last year, the unique lot was sold for 546 thousand Hryvnias to a Ukrainian businessman Michael Halperin. He concluded that subway cars could be an original architectural solution — and was incredibly right. Up to date, there are no hostels or hotels in Ukraine that are working on the basis of decommissioned subway cars. 

Michael plans to turn his purchase into a comfortable and modern hostel, located in the historical district of Kyiv, Podil. The hostel will have 8 rooms in total: dorm and private options, equipped with cutting-edge heating and air conditioning systems. As for the second subway car, the hostel’s owner decided to turn it in a bar with an open terrace.

Kyiv’s metro stations and its lively vibes inspired the concept of design. Construction work has begun already, so dwellers of Kyiv and guests of the capital will probably witness the unusual housing soon. 

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