Welcome to Odessa


Public organization "Odessa citizens together" during the press conference reported about the developed plan to attract tourists to the city in 2018.
They invites the ambassadors of foreign countries, in particular, the G7 countries, to Odessa in the hope of attracting more foreign tourists to the city in the future.

Odessa is one of the unique Ukrainian cities, with its own inimitable smiling face. Perhaps, Odessa people are the most valuable local attraction. All of them have the unique pronunciation and surprising gestures, a keen sense of humour and mentality, and treating their Pearl by the Sea with respect and tenderness.

Life is not enough to go around all the corners of Odessa. Start your familiarity with the history of the city with the Catherine’s Square. The restored monument to the founders of Odessa is situated here. Just a couple of steps - and you are strolling about the Primorsky Boulevard, walking down the world-famous Potemkin stairs, admiring the monument to Duke. Almost every house in the center of Odessa will surprise with its unique architectural outlines, and every old Odessa’s yard will tell its fascinating story. South Palmira will open the doors of its museums before you. The archaeological as one of the oldest, the museum of anchors at the Seaport or the original museum of private collections on Poland Street.

Visit the Sculpture Garden with many of the legendary heroes of folklore and anecdotes. Where else can you find Rabinovich, Sasha-the-Musician or a monument to the green wagon? Exclusively here, in Odessa! Just a few minutes from the Garden – and you will find a monument to the great classical author, Pushkin.

Theatre life is in full swing here. Odessa people have their pride, which a delightful Opera Theatre is. It was opened recently after years of reconstruction. Modern and classical plays of Ukrainian and Russian Drama Theatres are waiting for you, and the theater of musical comedy is also amazing for the audience. Odessa Philharmonic is unique in its architectural ensemble and also is expecting the guests for coming.

Pearl by the Sea will show you its golden beaches to shelter at the Black Sea coast and impart sun warmth to you. Go to Arcadia or one of the clubs downtown, or else choose an amusement park on the Kulikovo field and dolphinarium «Nemo» during summer holidays. Odessa has many faces: you can go by old tram down the French Boulevard, take a ride in a carriage with horses trough the central streets or cycling around the famous old Odessa’s yards.

This city is always glad to meet gourmets, so can find a dish to each taste. Traditional Ukrainian «taverns» and Jewish cosher restaurants, bohemian jazz cafes and Italian pizzerias. Each local menu is like a fascinating book!

You can’t deny that Odessa people have a talent to trade and bargain with buyers. So it is not a surprise, that there are lots of small shops and large supermarkets at the centre of city. There are Starokonniy Market and the legendary Privoz, which is the great temptation to local people and curious tourists. Definitely, you should visit the fish section of Privoz to look at the sculpture to Ribachka Sonya and drop a coin into her pocket.

Odessa will welcome you with open arms. You just need to smile frankly when meeting this city.


By material: http://meridian.co.ua